2017. október 22.

Barba Negra Music Club

Prielle Kornélia utca 4.

Kapunyitás: 18:00

Jegytípus Ár Vásárlás
2017.10.22. 17:00-ighigh touch package44.900 Ft
2017.10.22. 17:00-igsoundcheck package39.900 Ft
2017.10.22. 17:00-iggeneral admission18.900 Ft

MyMusicTaste is happy to present 2017 FTISLAND LIVE [X] BUDAPEST!


With a grand history of over twelve tours worldwide and fifteen full-length albums released, FTISLAND has remained a household name as a pioneer of the idol rock band scene in Korea for the past decade. FTISLAND has recently celebrate their 10th year anniversary and released their “Over 10 Years” album to commemorate their anniversary. The 2017 FTISLAND LIVE X BUDAPEST is part of the Europe leg of the group's 10th anniversary world tour and will be jam-packed with hits from all their past albums. FTISLAND is currently set to kick off their world tour from Seoul on August 21. 


FTISLAND fans created a viral movement via MyMusicTaste, an online service that brings together music fans to request their favorite artist’s concert, and were instrumental in making this show happen. As a special thank you to all those who made the show happen on MyMusicTaste, those who requested FTISLAND in Budapet will have access to presale plus a 10% discount off two tickets! 

Gyakori kérdések // Általános Szerződési Feltételek // Adatvédelmi Szabályzat // Kapcsolat

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