EPFE24, www.epfe.eu, the only international Production Meeting in Europe, the 9th edition of which take place on October 28th, at the Budapest Arena.

This year there is a significant change in the title, from now on the new name will be Event Production Forum Europe, to reflect the growth of EPFE internationally. So if you are from Dubai or Dublin, Madrid or Manchester, Helsinki or Istanbul, even Sydney or Sau Paulo, you are and have been welcome, we have had delegates from all of these areas.

Another major announcement that needs to be made is that all of our wonderfully supportive sponsors, over several years, @EPS, @Continest, @Visual Europe Group, @GD Staff, @TIXA and @Budapest SportArena have all reconfirmed their sponsorship again for this year.

We are also proud to welcome another new Gold sponsor, along with Continest and VEG, it is @High Rise GmbH, we are grateful their being there for us.

The sponsors’ support is very much appreciated and allows us to retain ticket pricing at a very sensible rate, again. This lets us attract everyone from students, trainees, a young and old cosmopolitan mixture of folk from the touring and production world, others from venues as diverse as theatres, arenas, stadia, hotels, sports facilities of all types plus suppliers of audio/visual, staging, seating, flooring, F+B, security et al.

This year we will, at a suggestion made at the last event, encourage delegates to bring a young (or old..) colleague who are new to the industry with them, we will also be inviting local schools, colleges and universities to send students who have an interest in events. To encourage these “new” ones there will be a reduced ticket price. Trainees/freelance should have been employed or in the industry for two years maximum

The format of the day will, by popular demand, remain the same. Two, 1.25 hour sessions in the morning and the same in the afternoon, separated by breaks for tea/coffee and lunch.

These sessions are panels of industry experts, plus others, talking about subjects that are very relevant to our industry. We pride ourselves in being the leaders in these subjects which, “strangely”, seem to become subjects of discussion at other conferences, after we have discussed them. We also pride ourselves in having very diverse, national and international chairs (or whatever the trending word is these days) and panellists.

Another major plus is that we encourage the delegates on the floor to become involved, from the very start, in every panel, we don’t do Q + A sessions!

The panel we did last year at EPFE23, about education, was a panel Carl A H Martin had the privilege of repeating, as Chair, at Eurosonic in Holland this year. Several very interesting and positive items came from this which encourages us to continue the discussion at EPFE24. Also, just recently someone brought up the subject of those who have been in the industry a while, and are approaching middle age, who want further education. Where and how? An interesting question, which we will include as part of the panel’s content.

In the afternoon the ever popular, delegates assure us, Dinosaur Session allows CAHM to talk to people who have been involved in the event industry for a while, hence the name. Over the years there have been dynamic and entertaining discussions. This year we are proud to say Bryan Grant and Mike Lowe, founders of, and still very involved in, Britannia Row Productions, britanniarow.com, suppliers of high-end audio equipment and professionals to productions of all sizes demanding World Class Audio since 1975, will be the guests..

Finally, in the evening, there is a continuation of the day when we have free food and drink for a few hours. Always a popular and enjoyable time allowing everyone to talk (and listen..) some more and let off a bit of steam..


So, ticket prices, (please don’t forget this includes a 27% tax, plus local taxes and all food and drink..)


Early Bird tickets are available until June 30th at the rate of ..

Delegates 25,000huf

Trainees  (use code epfe2024trainees) 15,000huf                                                                                                                          


Then from July 1st until October 28th at the rate of ..

Delegates 35,000huf

Trainees (use code epfe2024trainees) 20,000huf                                                                                                                


available from www.tixa.hu/epfe2024