With the Boglya Fest event, we dreamed of a festival in the region of Lake Tisza, where young people may have a break away from the bustle of big cities, and where you could also come with your families. We believe that cultural, musical, gastronomic and ecological themes fit together well, since our motto is: "We are all in the same ’boglya!".


The backbone of the programs is provided by musical performers and cultural adventures. In addition, there will be opportunities for handicrafts, visits to different country houses and many other exciting village experiences.

You may expect programs like:
- numerous concerts and musical performances
- film screening, theater performance
- handicrafts and presentation of local industrial arts
- communal cooking
- church chamber concert
- board game club
- community story-telling and literary reading
- visit of country houses
- tractor tour
- community gardening
- guided tours (by feet or boat)
- pyjamas-party for children 

Imagine all this in a peaceful, calm, village environment, where time really stands still. The Tisza and the small villages provide beautiful setting for the program.

We take care of the environment, so we organize the entire Boglya Fest with an eco-approach. We want to implement a festival where selective garbage collection and composting are the basis.

Buy your ticket in time and follow our social media pages, where we constantly share useful information!


- Early-bird ticket purchase: until 10th June, 2023.
- Other discounted advance ticket purchases: 11-22nd June, 2023.
- On 23-25 June (festival days) you can only buy tickets on the spot by cash.

Admission is free on Boglya Fest for children under age of 6.

Family daily ticket and pass prices can be used for max. 2 adults and 3 children.

The daily ticket can be used on the given day, while the pass is valid for all three days.

Tent sites are only free if you buy a ticket with tent site.